Your access to the free market

The non-profit association CARMUNICATION commits itself to fair competition. Our aim: free access to vehicle data for businesses in Europe. Because free access means equal opportunities.


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Why Auto Live Data matter

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CARMUNICATION: How we can help

CARMUNICATION delivers the data:
CARMUNICATION collects relevant vehicle data and makes them available to members on the CARMUNICATION platform. These data show e.g.: Are there any problems with the vehicle? What is the handling performance like? Is it time for a trip to the service station?

CARMUNICATION members get access to data - and make the deal.

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What are Auto Live Data for?

A modern car is a computer on wheels that continuously generates live data: data on handling performance, fuel consumption, acceleration, mileage, wear and tear and many more. And all of these rely on free access to Auto Live Data: service and repair, ordering replacement parts and vehicle fleet management. 

But beware: With eCall, some car manufacturers try to secure the monopoly on Auto Live Data.

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CARMUNICATION membership benefits

Here is how members benefit from CARMUNICATION:

  • Secure your access to Auto Live Data.
  • Make use of CARMUNICATION's IT know-how!
  • With your support, we can continue development on the live data platform - so you can focus on your business.

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Participants meeting on 30 January 2017

Participants meeting on 30 January 2017

(c) Carmunication. Participants meeting on 30 January 2017 (left to right): Janos Juvan, Stefan Boschitzko, Gert Keuschnigg, Erik Lundtoft, Florian Benzl, Nils Prochnow, Omer Wesemael, Rens Burgerout, Simon Kendall, Clément Pantin, Peter Holzweber, Frank Buisson, Walter Birner.